iConverter Managed 19-Modul-Chassis


Das zwei Einheiten (8,9 cm) hohe 19-Modul-Chassis für iConverter bietet eine dreifach redundante Stromversorgung und passt in ein 19- oder 23-Zoll-Rack.

Es eignet sich für Anwendungen in Unternehmens-LAN und MAN (Metropolitan Area Networks), bei denen es auf Fehlertoleranz und Unterbringung im High-Density-Rack ankommt.


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iConverter 19-Module Compact Chassis

The top image depicts a dual, front and rear loading chassis, and the lower image depicts a single, front-loading chassis.

Both are shown with optional CWDM modules and Cable Management Kit (ordered separately).

The iConverter 19-Module Compact Chassis provides an innovative approach to increase the number of CWDM or DWDM connections in a 2U (3.5 inch) high rack space. The short chassis design allows two chassis to be connected back-to-back supporting up to 38 CWDM or DWDM modules. This configuration provides up to 684 connectors or up to 608 simplex channels or 304 duplex channels.


iConverter Managed 5-Modul-Chassis


Das eine Einheit (4,45 cm) hohe 5-Modul-Chassis für iConverter bietet eine redundante Stromversorgung und passt in ein 19- oder 23-Zoll-Rack. Es eignet sich für Anwendungen in Unternehmens-LAN und Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN), bei denen es auf Fehlertoleranz und Zuverlässigkeit ankommt.


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iConverter Managed 2-Modul-Chassis


Das 2-Modul-Chassis für iConverter ist ein kompaktes, vielseitiges Chassis mit einer internen universellen Wechselstrom- oder 18-60V-Gleichstrom-Versorgung. Das Chassis bietet Platz für alle Medienkonverter und Switch-Module von iConverter.

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iConverter 1-Module Industrial Power Chassis

The iConverter 1-Module Industrial Power Chassis is a compact, versatile chassis featuring a single or dual DC terminal power connection supporting 12 to 36VDC or 20 to 60VDC providing flexible installation options.

Utilizing the combination of iConverter modules and 1-Module Industrial chassis enables a full range of industrial network applications, such as access control, data acquisition and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to be supported. This includes a wide range of copper and fiber industrial applications by utilizing selected iConverter module

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iConverter 1-Module Redundant Power Chassis

The iConverter 1-Module Redundant Power Chassis is ideal for mission-critical Customer Premises (CP) Ethernet services, and in applications where the monitoring of external events is required.

The chassis supports multiple power sources, configurable 10/100 Ethernet ports and a wide variety of alarm options.

Power source options feature load-sharing combinations of Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), 9-24VDC and 24-60VDC. The PoE option is designed for applications where the converter chassis must be physically located where power is unavailable or is costly to install. Power is provided to one of the chassis' optional 10/100 network ports from a Power Source Equipment (PoE/PSE) such as a switch or a Mid-Span power injecting device.

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iConverter 1-Modul-Chassis


Das 1 Zoll (2,54 cm) hohe 1-Modul-Chassis für iConverter unterstützt ein einzelnes iConverter-Modul und verfügt über ein externes Wechselstrom-Netzteil. Das 1-Modul-Chassis eignet sich für Einsätze am Network Edge oder im Haus des Kunden, wo es auf Kompaktheit, niedrige Kosten und flexible Upgrades ankommt.


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iConverter 1-Module Passive Chassis

The iConverter 1-Module Passive Chassis is a one-slot, unpowered standalone chassis that can house all passive iConverter single slot modules.

It is designed for network edge or Customer Premises deployments where unpowered, low-profile, low cost and flexible upgrades are important, making it an ideal solution for Enterprise, datacenter and metro access interconnectivity.

The unit can be wall or DIN-rail mounted with optional mounting kits. Utilizing the iConverter 19” rack-mount shelf, up to four chassis can be securely mounted side-by-side in a 1 RU space.


iConverter 1-Modul-Chassis mit redundanter Stromversorgung

Das 1-Modul-Chassis für iConverter mit redundanter Stromversorgung ist ideal geeignet für einsatzkritische Ethernet-Dienste im Haus des Kunden und für Anwendungen, bei denen externe Ereignisse überwacht werden müssen.


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1U 19" Rack-Mount Shelf


The 1U 19" Rack-Mount Shelf accommodates iConverter standalone Network Interface Devices and media converters, the iConverter 1-Module chassis and the iConverter 2-Module chassis. The shelf supports a variety of mounting configurations.

iConverter Cable Management Kit

The Cable Management Kit is used with the iConverter 19 and 5 Module Chassis and is capable of routing dozens of fiber and copper cables.

The Cable Management Kit includes two extended mounting brackets and a hinged cable management tray with cable clips. The extended mounting brackets are used to recess the chassis two inches back in the rack or cabinet. The hinged cable management tray attaches to the front of the rack and provides an organized method for routing cables to each module in the chassis. The cable management tray accommodates for minimum fiber bend radius to each installed module. The cable management tray’s unique hinge design allows the tray to swing down for easy module insertion and extraction and system maintenance.


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DIN Rail Mounting Options

UniDIN DIN Rail Mounting Bracket


The Universal DIN Rail Mounting Bracket provides DIN Rail capabilities for the following Omnitron products 

DIN Rail Mounting Options.pdf
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iConverter LGX Adapter

The iConverter LGX Adapter allows passive iConverter CWDM Multiplexer and OADM modules to be installed in a standard LGX Chassis and mounting brackets.

The iConverter LGX Adapter fits over the front panel of an existing iConverter CWDM module and fastens to the module by tightening the thumb screw on the module. 

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Universal-Montageset für DIN-Schiene


Das Universal-Montageset für DIN-Schiene Omnitron 8250-0 bietet Montagemöglichkeiten auf DIN-Schiene für den FlexPoint-Konverter, den FlexPoint-Konverter mit Gleichstromnetzteil, und das iConverter-Einzel- und 1-Modul-Chassis. Das Set enthält alle Elemente zur Montage auf einer DIN-Schiene für diverse Montagerichtungen.


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