PCM Multiplexer

PCM Multiplexer (3U with Optical)


Huahuan provides all types of PCM multiplexers, from high-end to low-end, from standard size to miniaturized, from rack mount to portable. All multiplexers offer variable service interfaces, flexible system configuration, high reliability and cost competitiveness. H5002 multiplexer is a key member of PCM multiplexer family.

H5002 is a powerful multi-service access platform that combines video, audio, data service and SDH optical transmission together. H5002 is an aggregation device that can up to 3 insert different service cards, which can be E1, MDX, DATA, CHU, VIDEO, PWR card, etc,.


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PCM Multiplexer (1U)


H5001 is a CPE device as the miniaturization equipment of H5000. It can connect to H5000, also can connect to H5001 in a point-to-point application.

H5001 has eight voice interfaces or low rate data, 2-port N×64 kbps V.35 data interfaces and 2-port 100Bases-Tx Ethernet. It supports FXO , FXS, 64Kbps co-directional data interface (G.703), asynchronous data interface (RS232, RS485), hot line interface, magneto Interface, 2/4-wire voice interface, N×64 kbps V.35 data interface, E&M signaling interface.


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PCM Multiplexer (7U)


H5000 Integrated Service Access Equipments have standard E1 interfaces, voice interfaces, data and MPEG2 or MPEG4 image interfaces. The equipment is an aggregation device, it integrates audio, data and video in one system which can up to 16 insert different service cards, which can be E1, MDX, DATA, CHU, VIDEO, PWR card, etc.

For every service direction, H5000 can provide 2 ports Ethernet interface with different priority. It uses the high priority to transport image and uses the low PRI for data.


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