FlexPoint 14-Slot Power-Redundant Chassis

The FlexPoint Powered Chassis is a 19" rack-mount chassis that houses up to 14 standalone FlexPoint media converter modules. The redundant power supplies are essential where reliability is important, and in mission-critical applications to ensure continuous operation.


FlexPoint 5-Unit Rack-Mounting Shelf

The rack-mounting shelf holds up to five standalone FlexPoint media converter modules. Each converter is individually powered in order to provide a low-cost solution in a compact installation space.


FlexPoint Wall Mounting Kit

When individual mounting is required, the wall-mounting kit provides a convenient way to secure a FlexPoint converter to a wall or a side of a desk. The mounting hardware is easy to use and flexible in a variety of installation applications.


FlexPoint DIN Rail Mounting Bracket Kit

The Universal DIN-rail Mounting Bracket is designed to provide DIN-rail capabilities for the FlexPoint and FlexPoint converter with DC Adapter modules. The kit contains all the necessary components for several different mounting orientations.


FlexPoint DC Converter

Single-Mode to Multi-Mode OC3 Fiber Converter

The FlexPoint OC3FF is a protocol-independent fiber converter that provides reliable and cost-effective extension of network distances by connecting multimode fiber networks or devices over single-mode fiber cabling.


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