LGX Multiplexer

OmniLight 8-Channel LGX Dual Fiber DWDM MUX/DEMUX modules support DWDM channels 28 through 35, 36 through 43 and 52 through 59 in 100GHz spacing. An expansion port is available to cascade multiple DWDM MUX/DEMUX modules, doubling the capacity of the common fiber link to 16 channels or tripling the capacity to 24 channels. Tap ports are available to monitor optical levels of the incoming and outgoing common channels. An optional Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) port is available which provides the ability to test the integrity of the fiber optic link without disturbing the wavelength channels.


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LGX Chassis and Rack-Mount Shelf

The OmniLight family of LGX form factor CWDM and DWDM passive optical modules and chassis support the highest port density available in the LGX form factor for telecom service providers and cable operators deploying wavelength services.

The OmniLight Chassis and Rack-Mount Shelf support any combination of full-size and half-size OmniLight LGX modules, or any third-party CWDM, DWDM or EPON LGX form factor modules. Both the shelf and the chassis can be installed in 19” or 23” racks. 

The OmniLight LGX chassis and optical modules provide a scalable, flexible and high-density solution for distributing wavelength services from Central Offices, head ends and data centers. 


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